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Sometimes the simplest route is the best one.  Thus is the case of identifying and making the most of your naturally endowed gifts (aptitudes) that will be with you for your whole lifetime.  I began to sort all this out more than 40 years ago and it is somewhat astonishing that most of the lessons I learned then are still valid and point to using the Internet cautiously to make the most of it.

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Life is Short

Sage Advice…

Life Is Short

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Saturday January 23 Beaverton, OR Sunset

Photo taken off of my deck in the rear of my house…

Jan. 23, 2016 Beaverton OR Sunset 17x13

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Three Most Powerful Words

I was moved recently by three powerful words. They seemed so powerful to me that I decided to check out whether others were also so struck by these words. The obvious route for researching this today is the Internet. So I Googled “Three Most Powerful Words” and was surprised at what surfaced.

The first site offered, “I Forgive You” which I can understand would seem very powerful but was not what I had in mind.

The second site suggested, “You’re not alone” which is good but also not what I was looking to find.

I then came across a book titled “The Three Most Powerful Words” but the subtitle, “Discovering the Freedom of Releasing the Ones Who Hurt Us,” also suggested something different than what I had in mind.

The fourth site advised, “Just be yourself,” which also was not what I was after. It did add in an off-handed way, “Apart from “I love you”, and maybe “pass the chips” is there any more often spoken, three-word phrase in the English language?” They had it but not with the degree of seriousness I was seeking. Hint… it was not “pass the chips.”

The fifth site offered all of the following in the order I am presenting them:

I’ll Be There

I Miss You

I Respect You / I Trust You

Maybe You’re Right

Please Forgive Me

I Thank You

Count On Me

Let Me Help

Go For It

And finally what I was looking for:

I Love You

I was surprised because these three words mean so much to me. I lost my dear wife, Ellen, about one and half years ago and am still pained by the loss. In going over documents that were left, I come periodically on a note to me that she signed, “I love you, Al.” I am all at once joyful in the remembrance of what we had together and cannot hold back the tears from what I lost.

I hope you similarly have someone in your life who says, “I love you,” and I hope you appreciate this wonderful gift.

Allen Pollens

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“Alternative Lives” Kindle eBook Free for Five Days

I just wanted to let you know that my Kindle eBook “Alternative Lives” is free for five days.
Alternative Lives Front Cover Tiny 9-7-2014
Use the following link to open the page where you’ll be able to order your copy:
Let me know your thoughts on the story.
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Magnolia Proof of Spring

Here is magnolia proof of spring in Oregon…well, greater Portland part of Oregon.

Spring Magnolia

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World Travel Pics

I realized that as much as I processed photos recently, I had not given any attention to ones from Paris, Egypt, London and Italy. So here are four that make up for that:
Ponte Vechio in Florence Italy
London Tower Bridge
Philae in Egypt
Eiffel Tower, Paris…Ponte Vechio, Florence 2 sgp smallerTower of London & Bridge

14.05 Philae Rev.AEiffel TowerSee More

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Front Cover with clock 9a

Bold Sci-Fi Thriller Cuts to Core of Hawaii’s Enigma; Fusing Captivating Tour of Islands with Ancient Kahuna Self-Help Wisdom

Meticulously researched and masterfully crafted by Allen Pollens, ‘CONVERSATIONS with FOUNDER of HUNA: A Tale of Time Travel and Ancient Kahuna Self-Help’ transcends a typical Sci-Fi thriller to also acquaint readers with the work of Max Freedom Long, a new age author who brought the metaphysical power of ancient Hawaiians to the world through his compelling Huna movement. Playing out through a gripping story of time travel and near-death escapades, readers will discover the extraordinary feats of the Kahunas and take a tour of Hawaii’s islands through over 300 high-resolution images.

For Immediate Release

Beaverton, OR – Over fifty groundbreaking years, Max Freedom Long immersed the world in the ancient beliefs of Hawaiians. From the extraordinary healing powers of the Kahunas to their belief system that links with ancient Egypt, these once-secretive gifts were offered to society through Long’s ‘Huna’ New Age movement. While rapidly being glossed over by the 21st century, the work of Long and the wisdom it unleashes is being brought back under the spotlight through a wholly-unique novel by Allen Pollens.
‘CONVERSATIONS with FOUNDER of HUNA: A Tale of Time Travel and Ancient Kahuna Self-Help’ wraps everything up into a Sci-Fi thriller unlike anything else on the market. From pursuing Krills with a streak of vengeance to travelling the length of Hawaii through hundreds of stunning images, readers can finally immerse themselves in all Huna has to offer right from their own armchair.
Freelance writer Maureen Connor is in Honolulu with husband, Dr. Vincent Pommel, who is attending a psychology conference. Coming from the USA east coast, Vincent has expanded this once-in-a-lifetime visit to paradise into a four-week holiday visit to the four major islands.

On the return from the first day at the conference, Vincent presents Maureen with the first two books written by Max Freedom Long, the founder of Huna. She is immediately fascinated and eager to research the life of the author. They develop a plan that includes sightseeing during the day and Maureen’s investigations in the evenings. The situation becomes yet more intriguing when they are joined during their time in Hawaii by Hawaiian native, Kamahele.

Kamahele is a kahuna with an inherited secret ability to travel into the past to ponder its secrets. His partnership with Maureen can facilitate visits with Max Freedom Long at significant points in Max’s life. These conversations will be an invaluable addition to the book she will be able to write titled, “Conversations with Max Freedom Long.”

Kamahele’s secret capability must remain hidden and necessitates the secrecy of Maureen’s project while she and husband Vincent are in Hawaii. This proceeds according to plan until the Krills appear on the scene. Tony Krill with younger siblings, George and Bridget, takes the lead as they wander Waikiki and nearby locations in search of attractive opportunities. They never give up once they find something. Convinced that Maureen, Vincent and Kamahele are hiding something significant, the Krills pursue them doggedly, even following them to the other islands. Confrontations give way to temporary truces and tempers flare.
It all results in a dreadful accident that nearly costs Maureen her life and in an unexpected Huna-kahuna rescue.
“I wanted to introduce people to the works of Max Freedom Long, and saw no better way to do it than through a Sci-Fi thriller that would appeal to the masses,” explains Pollens. “There’s action provided by the narrative, life-changing insights from Long himself and an awe-inspiring tour of Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.”
Continuing, “The Huna movement can literally change someone’s life. Long spent decades documenting the healing powers of the Kahunas and also dissecting their belief system of the ‘three selves’ (uhane, middle self or conscious, unihipili, lower self or subconscious, and aumakua, upper or spiritual self). Readers can now expose themselves to this wisdom and discover where it fits into their life, while reveling in a gripping adventure that accurately portrays the man that discovered it all.”
Readers are also urged to check out the nine other published works of Allen Pollens, spanning everything from children’s fiction to an illuminating adaptation of the author’s travel journal.
‘CONVERSATIONS with FOUNDER of HUNA: A Tale of Time Travel and Ancient Kahuna Self-Help’ is available now:
See the author’s entire published bibliography, here:

About the Author:
Allen Pollens has always had two personas. There is the tinkerer who always wanted to know, “How does it work?” That one became a graduate engineer and led a high-tech work life for more than forty years. Then there is the storyteller, Allen Pollens, who was spinning tales from the time he was a child.
In a burst of creativity he published nine books in two years.

Contact: Allen Pollens / 503-407-2850 /

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Photos of Edinburgh Castle

I decided to take some time away from my primary effort right now (My new Sci-Fi offering just made available at…search on “Allen Pollens Conversations with Founder of Huna”.) In any case, I lost myself in photos Ellen and I took during our visits to Edinburgh, Scotland and wanted to share the best three views of Edinburgh Castle. Here they be. Let me know what you think.

Edinburgh Castle #3 Edinburgh Castle #2 Edinburgh Castle #1

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Over the past few weeks, readers downloaded more than 1000 free Kindle eBook versions of my books.  Now’s the time if you want to get in on the giveaway.  AWAKENING TO THE LOST GRANDEUR OF ANCIENT EGYPT – Crocodile God Pharaoh, Sobek II, Confronts 4000 Years of Decline … free today and tomorrow at the Amazon website.

 Awakening to the Lost Granduer of Ancient Egypt Front Cover Rev. C

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