“Target of Hatred” from Allen Pollens

This is my newest book:

“Target of Hatred” is a unique “factual fiction” book that wraps an exciting story around actual history. It relates what Joyce Levinson unexpectedly experiences when a local Nazi hate group decides to assert itself. It also tells of Nazism from its birth in 1930s Germany through to the present day. Included is information relating to the shockingly rapid rise in hate-based organizations around the world. Significant focus is on the US Northwest’s shameful past and recent hatred-centered crimes. “Target of Hatred” is a fascinating tale and a real eye-opener. GET IT! READ IT NOW!

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About StoryTeller

Allen Pollens has always had two personas. There is the tinkerer who always wanted to know, “How does it work?” That one became a graduate engineer and led a high-tech work life for more than forty years. Then there is the storyteller, Allen Pollens, who was spinning tales from the time he was a child. Allen Pollens has published more than twelve books. All are available at Amazon.com.
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