New Book Tells of Max Freedom Long’s Efforts to Retrieve Ancient Hawaiian Belief System

Meticulously researched and masterfully crafted by Allen Pollens, “CONVERSATIONS with MAX FREEDOM LONG” is a tale of time travel and Kahuna, keeper of the secrets, abilities.  It transcends being a typical Sci-Fi thriller to tell readers of the work of Max Freedom Long… the new age author who brought the metaphysical power of ancient Hawaiians back into the world via his compelling HUNA movement. Through the gripping tale of time travel and near-death escapades, readers can enjoy the special Kahuna abilities even as they tour Hawaii through over 200 high-resolution images.

For Immediate Release…

 Beaverton, OR – Max Freedom Long worked more than fifty groundbreaking years, to recover the ancient beliefs of Hawaiians.  From the Kahunas, with their extraordinary healing powers, comes the belief system with links to ancient Egypt… once-secretive gifts offered to society through Long’s ‘HUNA’ new age movement.


Freelance writer Maureen Connor is in Honolulu with husband, Dr. Vincent Pommel, who is attending a psychology conference. Coming from the USA east coast, Vincent has expanded this once-in-a-lifetime visit to paradise into a four-week holiday visit to the four major islands.  On the return from the first day at the conference, Vincent presents Maureen with the first two books written by Max Freedom Long, the founder of HUNA. She is immediately fascinated and eager to research the life of the author.

Kamahele is a kahuna with a secret ability to travel into the past to ponder its secrets. His partnership with Maureen facilitates visits with Max Freedom Long at significant points in Max’s life.

CONVERSATIONS with MAX FREEDOM LONG is 400 pages long in 6” x 9” format.  It is available both as Kindle eBook ($5.99) and in print ($14.99) at now:

ASIN: B078894XPV – Kindle Version


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Allen Pollens has always had two personas. There is the tinkerer who always wanted to know, “How does it work?” That one became a graduate engineer and led a high-tech work life for more than forty years. Then there is the storyteller, Allen Pollens, who was spinning tales from the time he was a child. Allen Pollens has published more than twelve books. All are available at
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