Superhero – Chronicles of Blue Knight Adventures

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Blue Knight’s powers make him feel invincible.  The Artiste uses this vulnerability to trap Superhero/Blue Knight in the hold of a dark ship on Lake Michigan.  He is safe there from personal harm and Artiste cannot hold him captive indefinitely.  However, Artiste only needs enough time to secure ransoms for precious world sculptures he has stolen.  Mission helpers Frank and Ned are on the way and Blue Knight hopes they find and free him soon.  Waiting is not easy but he has no choice.  He slips off into reveries recalling everything to the present day including coming to Chicago and becoming Superhero/Blue Knight.

The exciting Blue Knight adventures begin with The Artiste as the principal antagonist.  In the second episode, Roger, Blue Knight’s alternate identity is in New York City when a powerful jinni is unleashed and holds Manhattan captive.  The jinni demands a huge sum of money to free the city.  In the third episode, Chicago’s Russian Mafia boss, Ivan, wants to stop Superhero’s interference with the Mafia’s criminal activities.  The next adventure brings a change of pace and location as Roger accepts an invitation to join his Chicago rooming house friends on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Pele, the Kilauea volcano goddess awakens accidentally and Blue Knight must find a way to stop the lava flow threatening the city of Hilo.

In subsequent episodes, Blue Knight confronts Tony Capone, who is convinced he is in the lineage of legendary Chicago crime boss, Al Capone.  Tony and his gang move to the Windy City.  Tony is committed to bringing back the glory days of the earlier Capone.  Tony’s actions to eradicate Blue Knight endanger other citizens of Chicago as well.  Blue Knight ultimately travels twenty years into the future through a time portal to settle with Capone.

Superhero presents non-stop adversaries and challenges along with plenty of twists and turns.  All the while, Superhero treats readers to the evolution that takes place in the lives of Roger and his friends at Rosie’s Rooming House… a distinctly human touch.

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