CONJUROR: Development Deep in Mexico’s Yucatan Jungle Will Change Storytelling Forever

CONJUROR – Living the Tale  tells of an extraordinary storyteller evolution taking place deep in a Mexico Yucatan jungle.  Its discovery and introduction into the outside world has significant consequences.

Freelance writer Maureen Connor travels to Mexico’s Yucatan on her honeymoon.  She and her husband, Vincent, visit Mayan ruins at Uxmal, Chichén Itzá, Tulum and Cobá … all pictured for the benefit of the reader.  With the help of an anthropologist, they return to Yucatan to risk entry into what is considered to be impenetrable jungle.  Maureen is in search of a teller of stories, as in ancient times.  The success of the book she is writing depends on finding this spoken spinner of tales.  Their journey takes them to Chetumal, Campeche City, Xmaben and finally Macanche, where the road ends short of the dense Punta Put jungle.  Along the way, they recruit others to help them in their quest.  They also must contend with kidnapping thieves.  Maureen brings the remarkable conjuror storyteller back with her to New York City along with the others from Mexico who joined the expedition.  Readers are treated to pictures from the Mayan’s tour of Manhattan.  As part of the promotion for her new book,  major conjuring events are presented in New York City, Chicago and Boston.  However, Conjuror is hounded by those who want to control him for personal benefit.  Conjuror escapes to Mexico, but he is nearly destroyed by harrowing experiences he suffers there.  He responds by conjuring a final colossal event in Mexico City.

 CONJUROR offers intriguing characters, facing unexpected challenges, in exciting locations with many pictures to add to the enjoyment of the story.

CONJUROR – Living the Tale  exceeds 80,000 words, runs more than 400 pages and has more than 80 illustrations.  It is available in both paperback ($15.99) and for Kindle ($6.99) at  Search on “Allen Pollens.”

.This is author Allen Pollens’ third science fiction offering in less than two years and one of six books he has published.  Retired from careers in software/hardware design, and high tech sales and marketing, Pollens has been telling stories his whole life.  The stories he wrote for his grandchildren have become the basis for “Starfish Chronicles – Undersea Adventures with Sammy Starfish” and for “Superhero –Chronicles of Blue Knight Adventures.”  He also turned the daily journal he kept on his European vacation into “Al’s London and Dublin Holiday,” published in full color, with ninety photos.

For more about “Conjuror,” or Al’s other books, contact Allen Pollens at 503-407-2850 (cell), via email at, or go to website http:/

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